About us

Once upon a time in 1999, a couple, Emily and Tom, cherished their cozy
moments at home after a long day of work. They realized the importance
of comfort in their daily lives and sought to find the perfect pajamas
to unwind in. However, their search was fruitless. Every pair they found
was either lacking in comfort, style, or quality.

Determined to create the ultimate pajamas that would not only bring
comfort but also elevate the experience of relaxation, Emily and Tom
decided to establish mnemo home. With Emily's background in fashion
design and Tom's expertise in manufacturing, they built a team of
professionals and set up their production factory. Together, they began
their journey to redefine the art of relaxation.

mnemo home specializes in creating luxurious home clothes and pajamas
for the entire family, with a wide range of product lines for women,
men, and children. At the heart of mnemo home is a deep commitment to
quality and craftsmanship. Every step of the production process, from
the choice of fabric to the intricate design, is meticulously executed
to ensure perfection.

Today, mnemo home is a leading name in the world of home clothing,
synonymous with exceptional quality, comfort, and style. As the company
continues to grow, it remains true to its founding values, inspiring
customers around the globe to cherish their time at home and create
memorable moments in the comfort of mnemo home's luxurious pajamas.